School Projects

Collaborative whole school stained glass art works

A stained glass project offers multiple learning outcomes in terms of the national curriculum as well as the art and design aspect many other skills come into play and link with different areas of the curriculum such as maths, science and literacy as well as PSHE.

More than that it offers a memorable creative experience with a lasting legacy. Children and adults alike are captivated by the jewel- like colours and the transformation of initial ideas into stained glass.

For me as a designer, the process of working in a school is galvanised by the excitement of the children and indeed the whole school community – not just the pupils but, teaching and non-teaching staff, governors, caretakers and head teachers have participated in these projects and some have gone on to take glass up as a hobby.

How the creative involvement works

Everyone involved will experience the whole process of creating a stained glass art project from the initial design sketches through to the installation

To give staff the opportunity to understand the processes involved I am happy to hold practical after – school or twilight taster sessions at no extra charge.  You may also wish to invite Governors, support staff or PTFA members along to this session.



Four basic stages

Creating a stained glass art project involves four basic stages:

Idea development

For each project, I like to identify a theme that is not only linked to the school’s curriculum but also unique to the school’s ethos. The theme is identified and developed through consultation with the whole school community. It can be the topic for an assembly, followed up by discussions in the classroom and the staffroom. Once it is established I will gather visual source materials for further deliberations.

Initial design

Children are naturally fabulously creative and I encourage them to use their imaginations to develop design ideas around the chosen theme thus introducing them to a unique visual language. The children begin to sketch out their ideas and at this stage different media can be used: coloured paper, collage, paint, felt tip pens and tissue paper thus allowing the children to get a feeling for the blocks of colour, line, form texture and pattern that makes up a stained glass art work.

Glass cutting

Next the children recreate their designs in glass at this stage they will work with me in groups of 2 or 3. We first talk about the correct use of the tools and responsible behaviour whilst working with the glass. Then the fun bit starts as I teach them to cut and score the glass followed by grinding it into shape. We look at colour and the way it changes when you layer different pieces of coloured glass together. Having created their pieces they then clean and glue the glass ready for kiln firing.

Firing and assembly

Each piece is, then taken away for firing and assembly in my studio. This can take several weeks but that does include returning to the school to show the fired pieces prior to the final construction with the lead. When completed, the panel is normally presented to the school at a special assembly. I can also arrange for my specialist contractors Diamond Glass to install the panels within a double glazed unit if required.

Day glass workshops for schools

As well as whole school project, I also offer day workshops in which children can produce individual items this is particularly popular around Christmas and Easter time as glass makes wonderful decorations. I can also help the children create unique and memorable leaving gifts for members of staff.

Staff Teambuilding or INSET in house fused glass workshops

What better way to give staff a sense of achievement and build staff morale than a day or half day developing their creativity. It is a perfect way to bring all your team together. During these sessions I can include not only teachers but all the other staff, admin, domestic etc.


If you are applying for an arts mark I am more than happy be involved in the application process.

Best practice

Caroline holds her own Public Liability insurance, provides a full Risk Assessment and has an enhanced CRB check. All tools and equipment are up to date and are P.A.T tested.


I work on a standard daily rate plus materials so the costs will be dependent on the size of the project and the numbers of people involved. If you would like a quote or further details please do not hesitate to contact me.